It was so uneven we were going to have our driveway replaced, but the repairs that these guys finished saved us a bunch of money and corrected all of the problems. We'll recommend you to anyone we know considering driveway replacement.

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Pool Deck Repairs

If your poolside patio is uneven, you probably worry about people tripping and falling around (or into) your pool and you will need pool deck repairs. It doesn't have the beauty it once did. Unstable concrete around a pool isn't just an eyesore, it is a hazard. Washed out soil or settling underneath your pool deck, as well as the inevitable contraction and expansion that your pool will have throughout the course of the year will eventually turn your pool patio into an uneven mess.

Quotes to replace concrete around pools are generally quite high – and unnecessary. Rather than going through the hassle of redoing your pool deck, slabjacking will simply repair the surface to the correct height – and it will all match when you are finished. Also, the process will be finished within a matter of hours for smaller projects (and large ones will be done in a matter of days), so you can get back to enjoying your pool – all summer long.

Like mudjacking in other areas, what Mid-MO Concrete Repair is going to do is basically the same. Shifting soil or washout causes the pool deck to become uneven. Missouri Concrete & Repair technicians slabjack the porch or patio by drilling small holes into the surface, inserting a mixture of concrete and slurry beneath the original concrete to return it to its former level and then we seal the small holes with a mixture of concrete that looks similar to the original. The process is quick, clean and environmentally friendly. It is an efficient, reliable and cost-effective way to repair your pool patio and preserve the beauty of your home.

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